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Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator and Load Box

Rivera Rockcrusher Power Attenuator And Load Box

Bullet-proof construction, a standard feature of Rivera equipment, is also engineered into the Rock Crusher Within the 16-gauge welded steel chassis of the RockCrusher, heavy-duty and rugged industrial-grade components used throughout, designed to

Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator Purple 816 Ohm

Rivera Rockcrusher Power Attenuator Purple 816 Ohm

Rivera gave the RockCrusher an 816-ohm selector switch so you can use either value to accurately match your cabinets and amplifiers. Additional features that ensure the Rock Crusher is easy to use both onstage and in the studio include a front-panel bypass switch that lets you use the amp with a speaker cabinet when full output level is desired.

Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator User Reviews zZounds

Rivera Rockcrusher Power Attenuator User Reviews Zzounds

Sep 29, 2014 The bottom line is this the Rivera RockCrusher gives you the ability to take advantage of your power tubes at home and not just your pre-amp tubes in my opinion. Because I am able to distort my power tubes I love the enhanced quality I get in my chord playing when Im thumping out some Lazy Lester, John Lee Hooker, etc.

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X vs Rivera RockCrusher for

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X Vs Rivera Rockcrusher For

Jan 31, 2021 1. EVH III EL34 50 watt 2x12 Vintage 30s with Rivera Rockcrusher Recording. The EVH does, for the most part, preamp distortion, so I only need the Rockcrusher for a more conveniently tapered volume knob for really fine tuning of volume levels for better matching all three amps in my wdw set up. And of course line out to record with impulse ...

Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator any good My Les

Rivera Rockcrusher Power Attenuator Any Good My Les

Dec 06, 2014 Rivera RockCrusher Power AttenuatorLoad Box for Amplifiers Sweetwater.com I need to get an attenuator. Ive heard great things about the aracom but right now its out of my budget and the payment plan for this works for me. Anyone here have or had one that can validate whether this one is...

Rivera RockCrusher Thomann UK

Rivera Rockcrusher Thomann Uk

- Theres an asymmetrical and a symmetrical XLR output on the RockCrusher. You can dial in the adequate output level by using the Line Out Level knob in the front of the unit. - Passive cooling for 120W of load dump - I heard Paul Rivera mentioning in a video that you could connect up to 150W to the unit without damaging it.

Customer reviews Rivera RockCrusher Power

Customer Reviews Rivera Rockcrusher Power

The Rivera RockCrusher has allowed me to enjoy these amps again at home at levels that wont disturb the neighbors I can crank both amps up and attenuate them with the RockCrusher to a level that is almost a whisper. I can even get it so low that I can hear myself pick the strings over the actual sound coming out of the speakers.

Line Out Slaving Question RigTalk

Line Out Slaving Question Rigtalk

Mar 14, 2021 The line out on my THD leaves alot to be desired, Since I have the Suhr Iso line out I never actually tried the line out on the my Rivera Rockcrusher it might be alright but the Suhr excels at what it was designed to do.

Jtm 45 And Riviera Rockcrusher

Jtm 45 And Riviera Rockcrusher

May 20, 2018 Nov 7, 2016. Messages 127. Likes Received 93. Hi. I am a happy owner of a 2016 Marshall JTM 45 reissue head . I use with a 1960ahw cab. Now i want to hook it up with a Rockcrusher so I can push it harder and have some nice classic rock tones at lower volume.

Parts amp Accessories Rivera Rockcrusher

Parts Amp Accessories Rivera Rockcrusher

10 Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm Thd Hot Plate 2 Button Footswitch Channel Accutronics Reverb Tank Celestion G12t-75 16 Ohm Thd Hot Plate Power Attenuator Celestion Heritage Amp 2 Button Footswitch Ohm Power Attenuator 16 Ohm Made In England Peavey Remote Ohm Ln Weber Mass Eminence Alnico Eminence Red 16 Ohm 75 Eminence Patriot Accutronics Spring Reverb 12 Guitar Speaker 8 Ohms

The Guitar Sanctuary Rivera Mini RockCrusher Recording

The Guitar Sanctuary Rivera Mini Rockcrusher Recording

The Rivera Mini Rockrec is a custom-designed load box and speaker emulator designed to provide thee safest load for your tube amp and give you the best-sounding, authentic analog guitar tones for direct recording. Featuring 6 sought after speaker cabinet voicings, selectable 4816 ohm impedance to properly match with any amp, both balanced ...

Review Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator The Gear Page

Review Rivera Rockcrusher Power Attenuator The Gear Page

May 14, 2011 Selecting the Studio setting activates the Level knob for fine tuning the volume from max to zero no sound while in Studio mode. Theres also a level knob for the line out. Rear Panel Input from amp, 2 speaker jacks and two line out jacks balanced XLR and unbalanced 14 jack Build Quality It appears to be top notch. The chasis is a ...

Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator amp Load Box

Rivera Rockcrusher Power Attenuator Amp Load Box

Bullet-proof construction, a standard feature of Rivera equipment, is also engineered into the Rock Crusher Within the 16-gauge welded steel chassis of the RockCrusher, heavy-duty amp rugged industrial-grade components are used throughout amp designed to give you years of reliable, cool-running service.

Rivera Rockcrusher or Torpedo Reload RigTalk

Rivera Rockcrusher Or Torpedo Reload Rigtalk

Mar 27, 2014 -Classic attenuator to play through a cab which rules out the Torpedo Live-Recording from the line out of the attenuator to my interface using an cab simulator i already have the Two Notes Wall of Sound plugin. -Should be able to record silent or with a cab connected.

Rivera announces 50th Golden Anniversary RockCrusher Power

Rivera Announces 50th Golden Anniversary Rockcrusher Power

Oct 11, 2018 Rivera Amplification has announced the 50th Golden Anniversary RockCrusher Power Attenuator, celebrating 50 years since Paul Rivera began modifying amps in his shop in New York City. As per the original purple model, the golden RockCrusher can be used between an amp and speaker cab, or used in place of a speaker cab as a load box.

Rivera Rockcrusher

Rivera Rockcrusher

Dec 25, 2020 Specs from Rivera One of the greatest tools for a guitarist to adjust stage or studio levels while opening up the throttle on their tube amp is a great power attenuator. For home or silent recording, having a high-wattage capacity load box gives artistic freedom to record at all hours and in all environs. Whether youre in an apartment in New ...

Any Suggestions On A Decent Attenuator With A Line Out

Any Suggestions On A Decent Attenuator With A Line Out

Dec 15, 2017 The line out is always available in these things. All attenuators sound bad when you crank the amp and use them to try to get to bedroom volume levels via attenuation alone. Thats why the line out feature was so important to me because reamping the line out is a game changer and is why all in one units like the Powerstation are so popular.

Rivera Announces 50th Anniversary RockCrusher Power

Rivera Announces 50th Anniversary Rockcrusher Power

Oct 11, 2018 The golden RockCrusher, unveiled as a celebration of the 50 years that Paul Rivera has been modifying amps in his shop in New York City, can be used between an amp and speaker cab, or used in place of a speaker cab as a load box. The RockCrusher features edge and warm switches, plus attenuation, studio level and line-out level knobs.

Rivera Mini Rockcrusher Recording Sam Ash Music

Rivera Mini Rockcrusher Recording Sam Ash Music

Rivera made sure this unit was overbuilt with mega thermal capacity to handle the huge amounts of power. The 3-position impedance switch permits use with amps that require 4, 8, or 16 ohms. Connecting to your Gear is Made Easy With outputs for EQ and non-EQed signals, easily connect your guitar amplifier directly to either a mixing console ...

Two notes and Rivera Rockcrusher question RigTalk

Two Notes And Rivera Rockcrusher Question Rigtalk

Apr 29, 2015 If you have the normal rock crusher it doesnt have a speaker sim on the line out so you would need to run that line out into the wos plugin or some other speaker sim. ... Does the Two Notes have a better line out sound. The Rivera is terrible sounding. All my levels are good etc. Just cant make it sound good. What am I missing H. High ...

Rivera RockCrusher Gold Face Power AttenuatorLoad Box

Rivera Rockcrusher Gold Face Power Attenuatorload Box

RockCrusher with Eye-popping Gold Face. Riveras RockCrusher power attenuator and load box could be your gateway to epic tube-amp tonal bliss. The tone of a tube amp is directly related to the power of the signal it receives and how much amplification is added by the tubes themselves.

Rivera RockCrusher Recording Power Attenuator with 11

Rivera Rockcrusher Recording Power Attenuator With 11

Dec 24, 2018 I play clean jazz, pop, country rock, ballad rock, 70s classic and hard rock, 80s hard rock and 80s metal up to Scorpions and Judas Priest. The RockCrusher Recording really tames the volume while preserving the bliss that is found in pushing the power tubes AND provides speaker emulation line out to mixer, effects or what ever...even another ...

Attenuator Rivera Rockcrusher or Dr Z Air Brake The

Attenuator Rivera Rockcrusher Or Dr Z Air Brake The

Nov 10, 2016 Rivera just released the mini Rockcrusher, it will cost less than the other two Rockcrushers and its exactly what I want. Just transparent attenuation, I dont need line out, EQ etc. The best I ever had was the Power Scaling on the Suhr Badger, it didnt change the tone of the amp and the difference on the feel was minimal.

Rivera Rockcrusher vs Dr Z Air brake Ibanez JEM Forum

Rivera Rockcrusher Vs Dr Z Air Brake Ibanez Jem Forum

Feb 01, 2013 Rivera Rockcrusher vs. Dr Z Air brake. Tags amps attenuators recording. Jump to ... One of the things I like about the Rock crusher is it has a line out which makes it ideal for my current recording setup. ... In the end itll cost me a little more than the rock crusher but the z brake seems to be much better at preserving the natural character ...

Rivera Rock Crusher Recording Page 2 The Gear Page

Rivera Rock Crusher Recording Page 2 The Gear Page

Jul 25, 2014 I think I will buy the Rock Crusher Recording what I need is a accurate 16 ohm load and I find really useful the flexibility of using the direct line out into DAW for recording or the internal speaker simulator when I wanna practice without having to connect it to a computer and without any latency.

THD Hot Plate or Rivera RockCrusher Ultimate Guitar

Thd Hot Plate Or Rivera Rockcrusher Ultimate Guitar

Feb 07, 2016 One thing I really want to do is be able to capture the sound of my entire amp via the line out on either of these units and send that into my interface and into some impulses. In case it matters ...

Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator and Load Box

Rivera Rockcrusher Power Attenuator And Load Box

Sep 29, 2014 Rivera built into the RockCrusher a reactive load network for proper speaker-amplifier interaction. Rather than a purely resistive load like many of the other power attenuators on the market, the Rock Crusher ensures that the amplifier and speaker see each other in a proper relationship of impedance and inductivecapacitive reactance.

RockCrusher Recording Sam Ash Music

Rockcrusher Recording Sam Ash Music

Line Level inputs with the RockCrusher, versus Mic Level inputs. Speaker Emulator Functions EQ onoff switch allows you to bypass the 11 band EQ. PAD Switch Minno pad Middle position-5DB pad Max-10DB pad LEVELS meter can be assigned to 8 or 16ohm input power or Line out level.

RockCrusher Rivera Amplification

Rockcrusher Rivera Amplification

The RockCrusher is invaluable and unbeatably versatile because you can place it between your amp and speaker cab as a power attenuator, or use it in place of your speaker cabinet as a load box while sending its balanced XLR or unbalanced line out to another amp as a slave, or even send its output to a mixer for recording or live performance.

Rivera Rockcrusher line out level affects tone massively

Rivera Rockcrusher Line Out Level Affects Tone Massively

Mar 10, 2015 Doesnt matter at that point how much the attenuator affects the line out because you are getting it right off the amp. The highs and mids stay intact. Around 180 I think bang for your buck. You dont need to spend anymore. The rock crusher is still a great attenuator, you just dont like the line out. so here is your solution.

Mini Rockcrusher Recording Rivera Amplification

Mini Rockcrusher Recording Rivera Amplification

3 outs that can be used simultaneously-XLR balanced out, 14 unbalanced out and no EQ line out. This allows you to track the Rivera Mini RockRec Voicing and or use the no EQ line out to send to your cabinet emulating software.-Speaker cab simulator and load box with 4816 ohm switch.

Rivera RockCrusher review MusicRadar

Rivera Rockcrusher Review Musicradar

Jun 22, 2011 The other front panel rotary control governs the RockCrushers line out level, which operates independently to the speaker signal. Four rocker switches on the front panel operate a bypass function, high and low EQ emphasis and an impedance changer, allowing connection to 8-

Rivera RockCrusher Attenuator Review Premier Guitar

Rivera Rockcrusher Attenuator Review Premier Guitar

Jun 07, 2011 A Line Out that can be utilized for a slave out or to an outboard mixer. On the back there is a balanced line output XLR followed by an unbalanced 14 line out, two speaker output jacks, and a single Z Input 8 or 16 ohms that takes the output of the amp being utilized.